Covid-19 & Remote Navigation Assessment

Covid-19 & Remote Navigation Assessment
Remote Navigation Auditing using AURA helps maintain your navigation assessment programme during Covid19

Is Covid-19 making Navigational Auditing difficult?

In these difficult times, Covid19 means that sending navigation auditors to visit ships is not desirable or practicable.

And the situation looks likely to persist for some time…

However maintaining a navigational audit schedule is still an important part of ensuring that your fleet is operating safely and effectively.


Avenca’s Remote Navigation Audits provide a solution…

  • Send VDR and supporting documentation to Avenca without the need for an auditor to visit the ship.
  • Avenca’s trained/experienced auditors analyse the data using Avenca’s unique AURA software.
  • AURA analysis can include CCTV data if available
  • Same comprehensive analysis, no matter what VDR/CCTV is fitted to the ship.
  • Written report which includes review of Bridge Team procedures, VDR data, passage plan, voyage documents, etc. against industry best practices and company policies.
  • Report is accompanied by one or more video clips that can be used for coaching/training purposes.
  • Use the observations from the report to plan/focus your ride-on navigational audits when the world returns to normal…
  • A top quality and reliable service at an affordable/cost effective fixed price, to give you confidence during these challenging times…

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