Analysis and Playback Facilities

Analysis and Playback Facilities
Photo credit: Tony Evans
Smaller agencies and shipping companies can now afford to have the capability to work with, and understand, VDR data

Do you need to be able to analyse VDR data?

More and more accident and investigation agencies and shipping companies have realised the importance of having the ability to replay and analyse Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and other digital marine data. With today’s technology, even smaller agencies and shipping companies can now afford to have the capability to work with, and understand, VDR data. This is nowadays normally the critical component of any accident or incident investigation. Consequently it is vital that all relevant agencies develop their capabilities in this area to improve maritime safety worldwide.

What sort of system do you require?

Avenca can supply VDR replay and analysis facilities in a range of different formats to suit different user requirements, including:

  • Laptop-based systems (which can be taken on board ship to assist with the interview process)
  • Transportable systems (which can be moved around or between offices as required)
  • Complete analysis laboratories which integrate data from a range of different sources where required (such as VDR, AIS, GPS, VTS, ECDIS etc.)
  • Multimedia facilities for use in training establishments.

How can Avenca help?

Avenca are world leaders in this area. We have provided VDR replay facilities/laboratories for national investigation authorities, and major shipping companies. This ensures they are ready to replay and analyse data as soon as possible following an incident or accident. It is often critical that data can be replayed and analysed quickly and accurately after an incident to ensure that the correct questions are asked of witnesses whilst the incident is still clear in their memory.

Avenca sources and integrates all the necessary interface and processing hardware and software components to provide a turnkey system. We also provide training in the use of the system, and on-going support as required. This ensures that you can be confident of always being fully operational at the earliest opportunity using tried and tested solutions.

What next?

If you need to set up and operate a replay and analysis facility or laboratory for VDR or other digital marine data, then contact us now.