SRT Check

SRT Check
Identify services which are consistently failing to meet particular section running times

Avenca’s VOQA system interfaces to the train’s existing OTMR, and automatically downloads and analyses the data every day. Because data is available from every day, for each service, it is possible to rapidly build up a database from which the existing Section Running Times can be evaluated, and timetable revisions implemented as required.

Avenca’s SRTcheck analysis software knows where the timing points are located, and also whether the train is moving, starting or stopping at the start and end of each track section. It then uses this information to produce a Sectional Timing Report.

Extract from Sectional Timing Report

The information in the Sectional Timing Report can be further queried to identify the times associated with particular Journeys. This can identify whether particular services are consistently failing to meet their SRTs for that track section, and timetables adjusted accordingly.

The functionality of Avenca’s SRTcheck software described above does not require any additional sensors to be fitted on the train, and can therefore be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.