Unless the underlying cause of delay is highlighted it will just happen again and again…

Avenca’s Time Delay Search Engine (TDSE) analysis system is a total solution to the delay attribution issue, and answers the following questions:

  • first, what is the impact of each delay event in min:sec?
  • second, exactly where & when did it happen?
  • finally, and perhaps most important, what caused it?

It is often overlooked that in order to resolve an underlying root cause, and not simply apportion blame, a good explanation of what caused the delay event is absolutely vital. So for example it may be that the timetable does not tolerate a reasonable degree of defensive driving, and severe acceleration or braking might be needed to meet the schedule; or it may be that the train plan is prone to signal conflict at certain times of day, leading to the train frequently being checked. So… unless the underlying cause is highlighted it will just happen again and again.This is an often overlooked aspect of delay attribution. Simply to pinpoint a delayed train is not difficult – in theory it can be done by someone with a stopwatch! – and even to do so automatically using a monitoring system is also quite straightforward. BUT to diagnose the underlying root cause is MUCH harder! And from a practical standpoint, in order to take practical steps to prevent repeated future problems it is the key element.

TDSE – Analysis of Delay Cause by Headcode

Accurate delay analysis – every journey