Advanced data analysis

Advanced data analysis
Get more value from your HUMS or Condition Monitoring system...

Avenca have developed a range of different approaches to ensure that you get more value from your HUMS or Condition Monitoring system.

In our experience, two of the most important aspects of any HUMS are its missed-alarm, and false-alarm rates. Missed Alarms can lead to unexpected failures, with the potential for increased levels of secondary damage, and obvious safety and cost implications. Whilst False Alarms (or “No Fault Found” cases) are equally undesirable, since they cause unnecessary additional maintenance, with  associated  increased costs, machine downtime, and the potential that the maintenance itself introduces some further problem (i.e. a maintenance-induced fault). Ultimately excessive numbers of false alarms will result in reduced confidence in the monitoring system, and the potential that it is ignored when a real fault is detected.

You can find more information on two of the approaches that we’ve developed to overcome these problems on the Model-based diagnostics/prognostics, and protecting against “the Murphy’s” pages.