Track Slip & Slide

Track Slip & Slide
Photo credit: Stephen Poole
Accurately locate wheel slip or slide events to particular track locations

Whilst everyone knows that wheel slip and slide can be significant problems at particular times of the year, it has not been possible to monitor (and react to) all such events.

However, Avenca’s Trackslip software can automatically identify where and when these events occur, showing the immediate impact in terms of impaired braking performance and station stopping.

The graph below shows results for the average number of wheel slip and slide events detected per journey for one operator/train type for each month over an 11 month period – and clearly shows the seasonal effects.

However, in order to make use of the data, you need to be able to identify each day where these events are actually occurring on the line. Trackslip software automatically identifies this information – providing the date/time for each event and the start/stop mileage.

The ability to locate wheel slip or slide events to a particular location on the track enables drivers to be accurately briefed each day on where such events are most likely to occur, and individual driving styles or train performance can be monitored as required. It also enables track maintenance to be more accurately focused on those areas where leaf fall is having the greatest impact on operations.

Like all Avenca’s VOQA technology, Trackslip requires no additional sensors to be fitted on the train. So it can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Distribution of wheelslide events