Specifically designed to facilitate the gathering of witness data digitally in the field

What does MADCap do?

Up until now, marine (or other) accident investigators have not had access to a tool which has been specifically designed to facilitate the gathering of witness data digitally in the field in a format that makes it easy to integrate this data with other data sources for more detailed analysis in the laboratory.

Avenca’s Marine Accident Data Capture (MADCap) software has been designed and developed in collaboration with UK MAIB to meet these requirements. Avenca have designed MADCap to run on laptop/tablet PCs, enabling easier use in the field.

MADCap’s Main Features –

MADCap provides facilities to –

  • Input information in the field (such as witness statements with ship’s estimated position information, audio recordings, videos, and/or photos/other images) linked to specific locations (and times) on the chart.
  • Plot ships’ positions/tracks on charts (based upon the witness statements) – facilitating on-site review with witnesses.
  • Store the data in a format which is compatible with Avenca’s Marine Accident Data Analysis Suite (MADAS), to enable integration and replay of the data in the laboratory with data from other digital data sources (such as VDR data).

MADCAP estimated route entry screen

The Benefits of using MADCap –

  • Witness statements can be directly linked to times/locations on chart
  • Statements can include audio, images or video
  • Easier on-site review with witnesses of ships’ positions and tracks on chart
  • Enables comparison of witnesses’ perception of events with digitally recorded version (e.g. from AIS or VDR data).

If you want to know more, or see the system in use, then please get in touch.