Ensures that VDR Data is always available

Have you lost VDR data following an incident?

The IMO specification for Voyage Data Recorders only requires that data is stored for 12 hours before it is overwritten. As a result, you will often find that your VDR data has been overwritten before it can be saved or downloaded following an incident. In such cases you won’t have any data to analyse in order to determine the cause of the incident, and ensure that lessons are learnt from the incident.

How does VDCS ensure that data is available?

Avenca’s VDR Data Capture System (VDCS) is designed to interface to a range of different VDR types, and provide extended recording facilities. Once installed, the VDCS will automatically maintain a backup of your VDR data. The amount will depend on the configuration of both the VDR and VDCS, but typically it should always retain at least the last 90 days’ VDR data.

How easy is it to fit VDCS?

The VDCS is based around ruggedised PC components, and is very easy to install (it only requires power, and a single connection to the VDR). It also doesn’t require any operator interaction under normal operation. The costs of purchasing, installing, and operating a VDCS are all therefore very low.

VDCS Form Factor

Summary of VDCS Benefits

  • Ensures that VDR Data is always available
  • Provides easy access to VDR data following incidents
  • Enables proactive safety management when used in conjunction with Avenca’s VOQA software.

If you want to know more about VDCS, then please get in touch.