Photo credit: Rory McGrail
Our systems ensure that you get the maximum value from your digital marine data

Avenca produce a range of software products and systems which have been designed to ensure that our customers extract the maximum value from their digital marine data. Our current range of products are outlined below (you can click on any of them to get more information) :

  • MADAS (Marine Accident Data Analysis Suite).
    MADAS is designed for use by marine accident investigators who need to extract the maximum information from a range of different sources of data (such as VDR, AIS, ECDIS, VTS etc).
  • MADCAP (Marine Accident Data CAPture).
    MADCAP is designed to make it easy to gather witness data digitally in the field in a format that enables integration of this data with other data sources for more detailed analysis in the laboratory.
  • VOQA (Voyage Operations Quality Assurance).
    VOQA is designed to automatically identify trends or events in routine operation of ships, which if left unchecked will erode safety margins, or result in less economic vessel operation.
  • VDCS (Voyage Data Capture System).
    This system automatically captures extended periods of VDR data, to ensure that data is always available following an incident, and to enable automated processing of data using Avenca’s VOQA software.