Protecting against “the Murphy’s”

Protecting against “the Murphy’s”
Automatic detection of abnormal patterns in your HUMS data

Does your condition monitoring system fail to detect faults?

HUMS and Condition Monitoring systems are typically designed to detect a range of different fault types, based upon historical and/or theoretical considerations. As a result, when a new type of fault occurs, such systems may well fail to detect it. In order to overcome this problem, Avenca developed our AIDE software. It can automatically detect abnormal patterns in multi-parameter monitoring systems, and has to date been successfully applied for aircraft and land vehicle HUMS applications.

In the example shown in the figure below,  Avenca’s AIDE software was able to automatically detect a problem with a planet gear from a range of vibration condition indicators (two of which form the x and y axes for the graph).  The software has automatically indicated that some data from the gearbox is significantly abnormal (data points coloured red) – although conventional analysis using either of the two vibration indicators (which would normally have been expected to detect the particular fault) would not have triggered an alert.

Sample AIDE results – Helicopter Gearbox Fault

If you want to know more about our AIDE software, or how Avenca can help you make your HUMS or Condition Monitoring system more robust, but without sacrificing sensitivity, or incurring increased rates of False Alarm, then please get in touch.