Speed Check

Speed Check
Photo credit: Thrash Merchant
Identify track sections where train speeds consistently differ from the limits

VOQA SpeedCheck can link OTMR measurements with speed limit data, to deliver the following reports:

  • Track sections or journeys where speeds exceed limits
  • Track sections where trains never get close to the limits

This reports reveal otherwise unrecorded and unreported events.

Speed Limit Exceedances:

The software provides the user with a report which identifies which sections of track or journeys have produced speed limit exceedances. The user can then drill down to view the data from any journey/track section against the relevant speed limit profile, as shown in the graph.

Unbroken Speed Limits:

This presents the sections where trains do not get within a specified amount of the speed limit. This can be useful for identifying sections of track where it may be possible for trains generally to travel faster, or where savings can be made in track maintenance by reducing the speed limits. The report identifies the current speed limit, and the maximum speed found in the OTMR data selected.

The functionality of Avenca’s VOQA SpeedCheck software described above does not require any additional sensors to be fitted on the train, and can therefore be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Comparison of Actual Speed with Limits