Software Solutions

We can transform your existing OTMR into a smart recorder system

We can transform the OTMR from a ‘dumb black box’ into a smart recorder system, using a variety of Avenca analysis solutions.

Experience with different train operating companies has confirmed that VOQA (Vehicle Operations Quality Assurance) can pinpoint otherwise unrecorded or unreported events that occur during routine operations, with recent findings that include:

  • Evidence to prove where and when speed limits are routinely exceeded with potential safety implications that may need to be examined
  • Occasions when the service(s) consistently exceed the planned station dwell at particular stations (indicating a need for timetable revisions)
  • Instances of train performance issues
  • Instances of the driver braking early and causing delay to that service
  • Occurrences of wheel slip/slide, and where/when services are particularly affected
  • Instances of the train being checked at signals (often recurring, on the same service)
  • Instances of the driver not selecting full power, causing delays
  • Instances of brakes being released prematurely, with potential to compromise safety

The technology is applicable to all UK in-service trains. No special monitoring equipment is needed, other than the OTMR, so that costs are minimised.