Routine/Long Term Monitoring

Routine/Long Term Monitoring
Enabling a proactive approach to operational risk management

Do you want to gain benefit from your VDR every day?

If you’re a shipowner or operator with a fleet of ships equipped with VDRs, by now you’re probably familiar with using your VDR data following an accident or incident. Hopefully such events are rare, but as a result you’re not getting any real benefit from your VDR on a daily basis.

How can Avenca help?

Avenca can use our VOQA software to analyse your VDR data to highlight deviations from your standard operating procedures (“events”), or trends which can result in reduced safety or increased operating costs, and alert you if there’s anything which requires your action, enabling a proactive approach to operational risk management.

Where required, the subset of the VDR data required to perform this monitoring is small enough to be efficiently transmitted over the internet, opening the potential for 24/7 monitoring, and providing you with remote access to your results from anywhere in the world.

The benefits?

Our analysis service is like having a continuous 24/7 audit of bridge operations, delivering enhanced safety combined with reduced operating costs, whilst also providing increased confidence that your VDR is working correctly at all times.

What next?

If you want to know more about how we can help by providing routine analysis of your VDR data, then contact us now.