Ensure problems don't happen again...

You’ve got a monitoring system fitted – and now want to use the data proactively to prevent accidents or ensure operations are efficient?

Typically the data from Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) fitted to ships is only downloaded and analysed following an incident or accident. However there is a wealth of information present in the data that could be used to continually automatically monitor 24/7 how the ship is operating.

In order to help ship operators get these benefits, we have developed our Voyage Operations Quality Assurance (VOQA) software to routinely automatically search through their VDR data and identify any undesirable trends or events. The software produces reports which enable suitable action to be taken to reduce the trend or rate of event occurrence. This proactive use of their VDR data, mitigates risk, and can prevent the re-occurrence of previous accidents, thereby enhancing safety whilst also ensuring efficient and economic operation.