Use your data for new purposes

You already have a monitoring system fitted – but maybe the data can be used for another purpose?

We were asked by a UK Train Operating Company (TOC) whether our previous experience of using ‘black box’ data could help them:

“How can we cope with our large ‘pool’ of unattributed delays – there are too many to use Trust for every individual delay event!”

Railway ‘black boxes’ are known as OTMRs, and we decided to design software for the analysis of OTMR data that would automatically find:

  • where each event happened
  • what was the delay, in min:sec
  • what was the underlying cause!

This Time Delay Search Engine (TDSE) system is now available for general use, and works with any OTMR.

It has been selected by other TOCS in conjunction with Network Rail as an out-of-the-box solution to provide ‘forensic’ detail on any performance, timetable or operations issues arising due to the train, driver or infrastructure.